Left Out?

by writergirl68



Exclusion.  Doesn’t feel good.  You ever feel left out, feel that backs have been turned on you by family and friends?  Who hasn’t.   For some people they let it roll off their backs and keep going like nothing ever happened,  Someone like me who wears her heart PROMINENTLY on her sleeve cannot easily mask my hurt feelings.  Lately I’ve felt left out, pushed to the side, shoved out in the cold and it sucks.  Some would say that I should talk to who has offended me, but to be honest I don’t think they would care.  Which brings up the question, why should I care?  Because I do!   I am not some callous, unfeeling, self absorbed mean girl.  But times change and people change and situations change.  So maybe this is the universe’s way of moving those people who are no longer interested in sharing space with me off into the horizon.  Ok.  Feelings hurt but I will get over it.  Life is constantly changing, and so must I.