Forward is the motion

by writergirl68


I once read an affirmation asking if you were looking at life through a rear view mirror or through the windshield.  Pretty awesome question I thought because I know unfortunately I looked at most of my life through a rear view mirror.  Looking back at past mistakes that I couldn’t do anything about, old boyfriends and wondering why it didn’t work out, looking at some “friends” and wondering why it seemed I was no longer in the “inner circle”.   You will drive yourself crazy and ultimately crash if you continue looking in that rear view mirror.  That is the past.  It is behind you.  It is old news.  It no longer matters.  You made mistakes in the past, learn from them and move on.  That crazy dude who you just had to have and was so in love with who had no job, no ambition and no respect for you needs to stay in your past.  He’s a loser for life and doesn’t need to be in your sphere of greatness, move on.   If those people who you thought were your friends all of a sudden stop calling you, not inviting you out, and just being all around bad friends, f*ck them and move on.   There are more people out there who will appreciate the awesomeness that is you and you don’t have time to be co-starring in the movie “Mean Girls.”  Move on.   The windshield needs to be your focus.  Look forward.  Moving ahead.  Progressing towards bigger and better things.   You have dreams to make come true, an empire to build, a legacy to leave, a life to live and those can’t be done with your eyes darting constantly in your past.    Forward is the motion……let’s go.