Reclaiming My Time

by writergirl68

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On July 27, 2017, Congresswoman and Auntie for the Ages Maxine Waters gave us a power statement that reminded us that time is a precious commodity and we must care for it fervently.  During a hearing, Congresswoman Waters was grilling the Secretary of the Treasury, Steve Mnuchin, about a letter she and other high ranking Democrats send to him that he failed to respond to.  Instead of outright answering her question, Secretary Mnuchin tried to song and dance his way around the issue.  Well, Auntie Maxine was having NONE OF IT! As Secretary Mnuchin was tap dancing, Congresswoman Waters repeated “Reclaiming my time. Reclaiming my time.”

Apparently, there is a rule in congressional hearings when a representative presents a subject and someone isn’t getting to the point fast enough or is droning on and on, you get to reclaim your time and get the hearing back on track.  What a capital idea!  Reclaim your time!  Of course, the internet went bonkers over this and congratulated Maxine Waters yet again on giving us something else to be proud of but also gave us a phenomenal life lesson.

How many times have you stayed in a situation past the expiration date?  A job. A relationship/trying to figure out if it is a relationship. Have you let someone’s awful behavior ravage your time? Have you allowed YOURSELF to be the disrespecter of your time? Letting social media, the tv or constantly hitting the snooze button eat away your valuable time?  Raising my hand. So let’s get transparent.  I let Facebook and television take up too much time. Scrolling and channel surfing for hours, avoiding getting anything of value done because I feel my work won’t be good enough. Naps eat up my time. I figured sleeping will help me avoid the feeling of dread because I’m not creating. I’m an introvert so I don’t tend to let people infringe on my time.  However, I have family members who need way too much attention for my taste.  So when I saw the video of Maxine Waters, of course like the rest of the world I thought it was funny but then the lesson kicked in.  This isn’t just a congressional hearing rule, this is a rule for your life! Reclaim your time!

So I say to Facebook, reclaiming my time!  Most of what’s on there are people creating a land of make believe trying to impress people they don’t like in the first place. Television, reclaiming my time!  Anything I really want to watch I can catch on-demand after I’ve done my important work.  Snooze button/gratuitous naps, reclaiming my time! The snooze button is a mechanism of the devil to lull you into obscurity. And while a good nap is refreshing and necessary at times, don’t do it INSTEAD OF being productive. We often take naps under the guise of being tired, when actually we’re just being lazy. Again raising my hand.  Needy/negative/passive aggressive/selfish/just plain annoying ass people, reclaiming my time!  I am no longer interested in explaining myself to you, trying to get you to see my point of view or making space for you in my life for the sake of “keeping the peace”.  Whether you are family or friend, if you are trying badger my time with your nonsense, you will be escorted to the balcony area of my life. Orchestra seating is reserved and given at my discretion.

I thank Auntie Maxine for telling us to reclaim our time, reminding us that time and life are far too precious to be wasting. No more asking for permission, walking on egg shells, being overshadowed, sidetracked, unproductive, overlooked and under appreciated…no more! RECLAIMING MY TIME!