What’s your ‘Sunken Place’?

by writergirl68

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A couple of weeks ago I saw the movie “Get Out”.  A GENIUS plotline from the comedic and demented mind of comedian and master storyteller Jordan Peele.  The movie is about a black guy named Chris who has a white girlfriend named Rose. He’s meeting her family for the first time, who live in an isolated and curious nook upstate.  A peculiar chain of events leads Chris to the “Sunken Place”, which is a mental state of paralysis, oppression, and hopelessness.  He gets there by becoming hypnotized by Rose’s mom who is a therapist after she delves into his psyche and taps into a traumatizing event that happened in his past.  Chris is summoned into the sunken place by a ‘command’ given by Rose’s mother when she taps a spoon in a teacup she’d been stirring during the therapy session.  If you haven’t seen the movie I don’t want to be a spoiler, but if you have seen the movie you know what I’m talking about. Essentially Chris’ mind is separated from his body and he’s temporarily left a shell of a person at the mercy of this villainous family who has a sinister plan to sell him into slavery.  Yeah.

We all have a sunken place.  A state in which we feel marginalized, stuck, hopeless, oppressed, out of sorts or paralyzed.  It could be the tense relations between the black community and law enforcement, how white America profiles people of the Muslim faith, how the wealthy marginalize the poor, or how the current administration is shitting all over this country.  There are plenty of examples of this place of dejection and despair.  But what’s your sunken place? What pit of hell have you consciously or unconsciously cast yourself into?  A financial sunken place where you continue to spend more than you make? A professional sunken place where you go to a job every day that sucks the life’s blood out of you like a vampire?  A relationship sunken place where you’re settling for less than you deserve from a person who doesn’t deserve you at all?  A personal sunken place where you’ve given up on pursuing your dreams because you think the shit is too hard, yet you just can’t let it go?

Are you currently going through life stirring your tea cup succumbing to a constant state of hypnosis? And when a glimmer of progress of any kind rears its head, do you tap the tea cup and resign yourself further into a catatonic existence?  What are you afraid of?  Why are you holding yourself back?  Or maybe someone else is holding you back, an overbearing mother, a needy friend, an ungrateful child, a micromanaging boss.  WHATEVER your sunken place is, acknowledge it, confront it, talk to it,  DEAL WITH IT.  Life is meant to be lived and is far too precious and wonderful to be relinquished to the dreaded sunken place.  *FLASH*  (people who’ve seen the movie know what that means. HA!)