We’re here, now what?

by writergirl68

It has taken me a long time to process what has happened to our country. To the point that I just couldn’t bring myself to write anything.  Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse, it did.  Donald Trump became President of the United States.  Yes you read that right.  And now we are in the middle of a shit show.

I wrote about him running in a post titled It’s coming… and warning the American people that this monster they are letting run slipshod right now is going to be the veritable death of this country.  He ran on a platform of bigotry, divisiveness, xenophobia, sexism and fear. He honed in on the imaginary concerns of racist white America and how anyone who didn’t look like them, talk like them, worship like them or lived like them is the reason for their lot in life.  Trump talked about how he was going to “drain the swamp” of all the special interests in Washington and give the people back their country. Wrong. Brass tacks, he never wanted the job.  He only pushed so hard and became more sensationalized because a black man held that office for the past eight years and did a phenomenal job.

Let’s flip to the other side of this coin.  Hillary Clinton was the Democratic nominee and seemed to be a lock. She’s an attorney, has been in public office for more than 30 years, was First Lady twice, Senator of New York and Secretary of State. It doesn’t get anymore qualified than that.  But alas she didn’t win. 57% of white women voted for Trump. Even though he is a flat out sexist and has shown his disrespect for women time and time again. Was even recorded saying he would grab women by the pussy and they would let him do it because he was a celebrity. Gross.  But that’s who they wanted to run the country. A raging bigot with no public office experience and holds an enormous amount of contempt for women, people of color, Muslims, the disabled and pretty much anyone who isn’t white, racist and wealthy. By the way, the kkk (yes, all lower case to indicate the ignoble life form they are) endorsed him and he never separated himself from them.  That’s a whole other post.

On November 8, 2016 I thought the American people were going to do the right thing. Given everything this racist slimy unqualified, unfit and unstable bastard has said and done, which by the way includes him calling all Mexicans rapists and murderers, mocking a disabled reporter at one of his rallies, stated he would ban all Muslims from this country and decided that all black people live in poverty, have no jobs, aren’t educated and can’t leave their house without being shot. Still,with all of that toxic sewage he was spewing, on November 9, 2016, American did the wrong thing. America essentially took a scalpel to its throat, slit it from ear to ear and is bleeding out. Oh another little tidbit about this horror show of an election, turns out Russia hacked the U.S. elections to get Trump to win. Hmm, still haven’t seen or heard when he will be brought up on charges of treason. Guess you get to do that when you’re a white privileged billionaire bigot.

So now here’s a guy who never wanted to be President, ran on a platform of fear and divisiveness, doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing because he comes from the excrementitious world of reality television and is about to burn the fields and poison the wells to distract us from the fact that he’s actually scared shitless right now.

So Russia and racism picked the current President of the United States, our nation is in a free fall right now and the Republicans are doubling down on their horrific decision to back this imbecile even though he’s going to destroy their party.  As the title of the post asks….we’re here, now what?