It’s coming…

by writergirl68

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There is a dark, sinister toxic cloud that is engulfing our nation now. It has been brewing for just under a year and has gone virtually unchecked until now. It spews hate, discord, divisiveness and racism. It’s pugnacious, intolerant, bigoted and is creating a subset of repugnant storms throughout the states to spread it’s xenophobic propoganda. It judges and categorically dismisses anything that doesn’t resemble it or agree with it’s pre-civil rights views. It labeled an entire race of people as rapists and drug dealers. It labeled an entire culture of people as terrorists and has stated it will ensure they are not allowed in the United States. It wants to build a wall and arrogantly orders the people that the wall is suppose to suppress to pay for it. It pays the legal bills of those who blindly follow it for committing unprovoked crimes on its behalf. It cowardly avoids anything that dares to challenge it. It embraces separatism. It breeds contempt. It encourages violence. And this dark and poisonous cloud wants the power to rule over our nation.

This nation is a melting pot of races, cultures and religions, not an alabaster monolithic fraternity of entitled Hitler worshipers. It is an indictment on this country and how incredibly racist it is that this noxious blowhard is still relevant in the race for the presidency. I have heard people state that they will move to another country if this toxic cloud wins. This is NOT a time to create an exit strategy, lower your heads, tuck your tail between your legs and retreat. This is not a time to cower in fear and think this storm is too far gone. Now is the time to stand up, be counted, register to vote, and use the power that God gave you to cast this Luciferian spirit back to the deepest pit of hell where it belongs.

This toxic cloud is feeding on the fears and bigotry of a percentage of the people in our nation to make it bad for the entirety. Other countries are looking at the United States with shock, awe and complete disbelief. How could we let this happen? How could we have let this infection fester into a full on cancerous abscess that has burst and is oozing it’s thick putrid hatred across this country, trying to set us back one hundred years. Come November you have a choice to make, you can eradicate this caustic vapor with your vote and ensure the safety and sanctity of this country or you can cowardly look the other way, spouting this matter doesn’t pertain to you and allow the devil personified who has proven he will destroy race relations and abandon our country’s allies to dictate the future of your children.