Non-Millenial doesn’t equal loser

by writergirl68


Looking around in society today, you will notice that a lot of businesses, apps, inventions and pretty much anything cool is being created by someone who was literally in high school ten years ago.  Upper management at your job now looks like a sorority or fraternity row.  The job that you applied for at that new startup is being run by 25 year olds. How does that make Boomers and Gen X’ers feel?  Honestly, like shit!  Sometimes millennials can come off  as entitled and condescending to the same people that laid the groundwork that gives them access to so much today.

It seems now whenever you see anything about following your dreams or someone who is doing the next big thing, it’s someone under the age of 30.  There have been a lot of late bloomers who have done great things and changed the game:

  • Toni Morrison published her first novel at age 40
  • Alan Rickman was 42 when he got his first movie role
  • Kathryn Joosten moved to Hollywood at age 56 to become an actress
  • Susan Boyle was discovered on Britain’s Got Talent at age 48
  • Anna Mary Robertson Moses aka Grandma Moses didn’t start painting until she was 75 and is revered as one of the most famous American painters

Seeing the millennial landscape can be disheartening and frustrating because it seems the world is only spotlighting their accomplishments.  It’s almost as if you have the “middle child syndrome” fighting to get some attention.  But if you look at the accomplishments of the above mentioned “late bloomers” it can give you a shot of confidence and reassurance that it’s never too late.  You have access to the same technology the millennials have.  Hanging your shingle is a a few clicks away.  The gatekeepers of yesterday are virtually non-existent today due to the worldwide web.  Whatever product you want to sell or service you want to provide can be shared with the entire world within a matter of minutes.  Like Nike continues to tell us, “Just Do It”.

You don’t need to have a phone full of selfies, know every Drake song or wear a hipster hat to start the next big business, write the next soul stirring book, or spearhead the next revolution of change, you can do that right now at age 47, 57 or 107!  Going after your dreams isn’t reserved for the young, it’s open to all those who are willing to go after those dreams and make them a reality. Change Agents aren’t specified for the 18 –  25 year olds. Just because AARP is starting to send letters to you doesn’t mean you can’t open that coffee shop you’ve always dreamed about, start that non-profit for single parents that’s been needling at you, finally put your name on the list for that open mic, or enroll in school to finally get that degree you want.  It’s waiting for you now.

Boomers, your generation represented the Oval Office through our last three presidents, Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.  Gen X’ers you relished in a world where Michael Jackson and Prince were the titans of music going head to head against each other back in the 80’s…it doesn’t get better than that!  So it’s time to rise up in your vintage greatness, stop letting your age dictate your path in life and show the world how AWESOME 40 and over is.