Happy Leap Day!

by writergirl68


Guess what?  We all get a 24 hour bonus this year!  That’s right, it’s Leap Year!  Isn’t that exciting?  No?  Well I think it is.  Every four years we get an extra day in February called Leap Day to do whatever we wish.  A extra day to celebrate, reflect, start spring cleaning, register for a class, start writing your book, have a long overdue conversation with someone, renew your driver’s license, go to the spa or whatever else you can think of. Some people rarely pay this extra day any mind because they consider it “just another day”.  But’s it’s an EXTRA day!  An extra 24 hours gifted to you, you need to get excited about that!

Think about all of the times when you said “I wish I had more time.”  Well here it is! This comes around once every four years and here is the answer to your constant time prayer. So circle February 29th on your calendar in big bold colors and take some time to seriously think about how you’re going to leap into your Leap Day.