Hello 2016…

by writergirl68

Flower bloom

The bloom of a new year has descended upon us.  A clean slate, fresh start, new beginning. And every January 1st we create all of these wonderful and lofty goals to create a “new you”.  What was wrong with the old you?  Maybe you had some bad eating habits, you carried around a few extra pounds, you people please too much, you never make up your bed in the morning, your credit sucks/your money is funny or whatever is making you feel like your life is a dumpster fire and needs a complete overhaul. And instead of breaking down your “makeover” into bite size pieces, you dump the entire kit and kaboodle on yourself in one day and wonder why by the time the second week of January comes it’s a bust.

The lure of a new year makes people think it’s time to “start again”, when actually you can start again anytime.  January 1st shouldn’t be the permission giving wizard that dictates when you decide to make better choices for your life.  Do it now! If you’ve been given a new day then you’ve been given another chance, so don’t blow it.  Yes the new year is sexy, sleek and clean with all the possibilities in the world, but a new day, another set of 24 hours is just as sexy, sleek and clean, so do something amazing with it.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not snubbing the new year at all.  I’m just saying you or I shouldn’t wait until January 1st rolls around to get our sexy back. And with that….Happy New Year!