Sometimes it just sucks.

by writergirl68

Life.  Sometimes it just sucks.  Nothing new. Woke up this morning and felt pretty good. Then I saw something that just gave me a a gut punch. The wind was completely knocked out of me. Quite stupid actually, saw something that made the green eyed monster erupt inside of me. I started crying, the ugly cry, and starting saying how my life sucked, how it’s never going to change, and how everyone else is happy and progressing wonderfully except me. Drama.  It’s really a matter of letting go of one thing in hopes that something better will come along. I don’t feel like being optimistic right now, I don’t feel like thinking everything will be ok.  I don’t have the strength for that type of idealism.  Right now I will cry and wait for this to pass, because like they say….this too shall pass.