The Word I Despise the Most…

by writergirl68

Mompreneur.  YUCK!!  Every time I read an article or blog post or ANYTHING with that word it’s like someone scratching their nails down a chalkboard!!  I get it, the word entrepreneur has morphed into so many other “preneurs” due to the ever changing business climate.  Authorpreneur. Infopreneur. Blogpreneur. Whateverpreneur.  I think some of the terms are pretty cool, and then there’s Mompreneur.  It just seems so lame for lack of a better word.  It’s as if your work as a woman means nothing unless you attach the fact that you are a mother to it.  You don’t hear men calling themselves dadpreneurs. But then again society doesn’t attach whether or not they are a father to their manhood like they do to women and our womanhood.

I see posts and ads all the time where a woman is surrounded by cute little handmade puppets she’s crafted, decorative scented soaps she’s wittled or an old family cookie recipe she bakes and turned into a thriving business.  She always “started at her kitchen table” and now has a booming business. Great.  Then she calls herself a mompreneur. Why not the “Puppet Master, Soap Svengali or Cookie Connoisseur”.  To me the term mompreneur lends itself to the Stepford Wives variety. A cluster of women with babies, bottles and bjorns in tow, living a manicured existence consisting of PTA meetings, play dates and pot roast.  There almost seems to be an air of pretension with them.  “I’m a mom and I run a craft business out of my home.”  So what. Would you have started your craft business if you weren’t a mom?  Why are you so quick to tack “mom” onto your business title?  Would you feel less than a woman if you didn’t have children?  Or am I simply reading too much into this?