Why So Much Hate?

by writergirl68

So it took me a few days before I was able to write anything about the HORRIFIC tragedy that happened in Charleston, SC on June 17, 2015.  I haven’t written a post in a very long time, but that’s a whole other topic for another day.  Today is about hate and why the magnitude of it STILL exists today.  A 21 year old cowardice monster walked into a church bible study meeting, sat for an hour and then violently unleashed a hail of bullets, killing nine people.  In church.  Yes I will say it again, he did this in a church.  A place of worship.  How much hate has been poured into a person for them to commit such a vile act of terrorism? Because let’s be clear, racists are not born, they are bred. They are TAUGHT to hate by racists family members. It is pointed out to them that this person is of a different race and therefore inferior to you. They are TAUGHT that these people who don’t look like you are animals. They are TAUGHT to use the word nigger like they are taught to spell their names.  They are TAUGHT to spit on, shoot at and even kill people who don’t look like them.  Why?  Fear. This cowardice monster said the massacre took place because he wanted to start a race war because he thought black men were raping their women and taking over their land.  Funny, history tells the opposite story. It was HIS ancestors who stole people from their land, raped the women, lynched the men and enslaved an entire race of people and treated them like animals, less than animals.  But I guess this is what worshipping the confederate flag, a historic symbol of racism and hate, does to you (fyi, you lost).

So where was he getting his information? Misinformed, misguided, fearful, backwoods, hate mongering troglodytes.  The same people who could only tell you that they hate niggers because their father hated niggers, and their grandfather hated niggers and their great grandfather hated niggers.  But the truly sad part of all of this is that this cowardice monster (I refuge to call him by name or even call him human because there was NOTHING human that resembled what he did) actually said he almost didn’t do it because they were so nice to him. Hmm. Love almost conquered, but that inbred hate that was given to him at birth found its way through.  The family members of the victims, and again let’s be clear the ONLY victims are the Charleston 9 and their families NOT the cowardice monster’s family as the insensitive magistrate presiding over the initial hearing tried to miserable imply.  I don’t remember the judge presiding over the Boston bombing case pouring out love and sympathy for the bomber’s family members, saying they TOO were victims. But anyway.

Of course they will try to paint this cowardice monster as a victim and product of his racist environment, saying he was on drugs, he was bullied, he didn’t get breast fed, he was a bed wetter, his recess was taken away in fourth grade or WHATEVER other bullshit excuse his supporters and enablers wish to offer. They will blame everyone and everything EXCEPT the racist cowardice monster himself.  As much I want to see this vacuous reprobate burn in the HOTTEST pit of hell, as much as I want to see him suffer a long, slow and PAINFUL death chained to the back of a truck and dragged for miles (sound familiar?), as much as I want to see him dropped in the middle of blackest neighborhood possible and get dealt with accordingly, alas I must pray for him because as a child of the Most High God that is what I am supposed to do.  I don’t want to, but I must because I can’t let ignorance like that win in my life. You almost have to feel sorry for this contemptible vermin, because the race war he wanted didn’t happen, in fact an OUTPOURING of God’s love over the city of Charleston has been immediate and constant.  So instead of a race war, he incited prayer warriors all over the world. Love will always conquer hate, good will outlast evil and this degenerate will sit counting out the rest of his miserable repugnant days in a dark, dank and putrid hole.  This won’t bring back the Charleston 9, but at least it means one less racist prick on my street.