Dear Mothers of Black Sons,

by writergirl68

I would like to take this time to give my heart felt sympathy for you having to raise yours sons in such a volatile and hateful world. It seems as if young black males have been put on the “World’s Most Hunted” list, a calculated act of genocide. Almost daily there seems to be a story of another young black male being gunned down, strung up or beaten to death by the hands of the very people who have been sworn to protect and serve, police officers.  Yes we know that not all police officers are bad, and neither are all young black males. There are good cops and bad cops, good citizens and bad citizens and unfortunately sometimes their worlds collide. It hurts my heart to hear another story of a young black male struck down and how the often white officers get away with murder…..literally. Michael Brown anyone?  This isn’t new.  Going back to the Rodney King case when that tragedy was recorded and yet all officers involved were acquitted, and they wondered why Los Angeles burned.  I am not inclined to go through the violent history between law enforcement and black males because that history speaks volumes for itself. I just want to reach out to you today and say I am praying for you and your sons, I am speaking up for you and your sons, I have marched for you and your sons and I will continue to use whatever platform I have to communicate the blatant injustice that repeatedly rears its ugly head against your sons, our sons.  Please stay strong, don’t give up the fight and know that your community is here for you even if the system that is supposed to protect and serve isn’t.