Just Didn’t Want To….

by writergirl68


It’s been a while since I’ve posted, I just didn’t want to.  Was going through a serious storm, could have fought it off but I just didn’t want to.  Could have mustered up the fight to stay afloat, but I just didn’t want to.  Sometimes you just don’t want to and so I didn’t.  I cried, fussed and cussed.  Wallowed in misery and attended my Pity Party. I felt sorry for myself and wanted everyone around me to do the same.  Sometimes it’s like that.  And when it happens, I just have to let the monster run its course, eat a pint of ice cream, drink a bottle of wine and cry incessantly in my pillow and just not want to for a while. Soon the misery fades, the pity party reveler goes away, the empty pint of ice cream is in the trash and the bottle of wine is a hazy drunken memory. After the monster has wreaked havoc on my emotions and my mental state, I get up, get moving and decide to want to again,  I am bit by bit finding my way back, thanks for understanding.