HOORAY….B-SCHOOL STARTS TODAY!! (Plus a bonus lesson)

by writergirl68

I am so excited because an awesome program called B-School starts today. It is an 8 week super comprehensive online business school that according to the mantra “helps you create a business and life you love.”  I first heard about Marie Forleo, the founder of this amazing program, and B-School last year and thought it would be an great opportunity to help grow R.O.K.S., the single parent non-profit I co-founded.  Each year Marie asks for video submissions for a chance to win a scholarship for B-School. Just a video approximately a minute long introducing yourself and what your business is.  Well you know me, Ms. “I Can’t Be Sending in No Video, It’s Too Hard, I May Not Win, I May Look Stupid, Who Is Going To Care About My Business Anyway”.  Yeah, all of that.  Well after some internal coaxing, I decided “what they hay” just do it, what’s the worst that can happen?  So I made a video (with about 25 outtakes), submitted per B-School’s request AND I had to post it on social media to get people to comment!!!  UGH!!!!  Guess what?  I WON!!  I was one of last year’s scholarship winners!!!!  I was BEYOND excited!!!!  Little ol’ me won!  It was truly a blessing.

B-School is held once a year and once you have participated you have lifetime access to it, including upgrades!  Today is the start of B-School 2015 and unlike last year when I became overwhelmed with all of the information and just collapsed, I have vowed to stick with it this year.  I am going through each module step by step, giving myself an hour a day to commit to it and follow through until the end.  This program is amazing and I am not wasting the scholarship God gave me last year.  My bonus lesson in all of this which isn’t new by any means, go out on a limb because that’s where the fruit it.  So glad I didn’t hold myself back from this challenge.  Onward and upward!

PS – Attached is my scholarship winning video!