Stop coveting online lives

by writergirl68

I have a very bad habit that needs to be addressed and eradicated immediately.  I have seen other people succumb to this ridiculous habit as well.  Being jealous of people’s Facebook lives.  You know what I am talking about.  You innocently go on Facebook just to see what’s going on and all of a sudden you get bombarded with pictures and posts of all the fabulous things your friends are doing without you.  Going to happy hour, going on trips, having impromptu parties etc. and all without you.  You’re thinking “I was home and nobody called me.”  Then you start to think about how awful, pitiful and lonely your life is because you’re not doing anything exciting.  Why?  Is there a law that your friends are obligated to include you in all of their plans?  More importantly, are you obligated to just sit around and wait for someone to create a great, exciting and fun life for you? I think you know the answer to that.  And how about this, just maybe a lot of the time when people post what they are doing, they are just looking for attention because their lives are all it’s Facebooked to be.  Or just maybe they are lying and none of what they are posting is real, and you are sitting there seething and being jealous over someone’s fairy tale.  What a dweeb.  Yes I have fallen victim to this nonsense and have decided that enough is a damn nough (yeah I made that word up).  If you want to get out, then go out!  If you want to go to a party, how about hosting one.  If two people show up so what!  More food and drinks for everyone!  I am going to wrap up this post with this thought:

If you want a better life, you must create it.  Not live the one you have and complain how you hate it.

Stop Facebook stalking and start living.