Tired of wasting my time….

by writergirl68


This post is pretty much just a scolding to myself about all the time I have wasted not pursuing my dreams.  Not writing my books, not building my single parent non-profit, not building my personal concierge business, not getting fit, not creating this big beautiful life that I continue to envision for myself.  Why?  Fear and laziness, that’s pretty much what it comes down to. Fear that I can’t do it, not smart enough to do it, God won’t bless me to do it, so laziness comes in because if I can’t do it then why try?  I cannot live another day like this, not another day.  God’s word says that I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength.  Not some things, not a few things, not this thing or that thing but ALL things.  I must take responsibility for this mediocre lackluster life I have sentenced myself to.  The limitations placed on me are placed by my own hands.  I am so tired of going around this mountain again, tired of having this same conversation with myself again.  Tired of wasting time and not doing anything with this life I have been given.  My foremothers and forefathers did a lot more with a lot less, so really what is my excuse?  Get your shit together girl.