I want my MOJO back!!

by writergirl68


You see this girl?  I used to be this girl. You see that expression? That hair? That smolder?  Yeah that used to be me.  I used to have a fire in me that could melt the sun.  At one time mojo used to ooze out of my pores. I could work a set of stilettos like a full time job. I walked down the street one time on my way back from lunch and a man said to me “Girl you got a walk on you.”  Yeah I used to be that girl who would get the compliments about the swing in my hips. Where did it go? Where could it be?  Why did it leave?  More importantly, why did I give it up? This picture was taken just 10 short years ago. I don’t want to fade into obscurity getting lost in the shadows of my former awesome self.  I used to be cool, sexy, vibrant.  Now I’m just ugh.  Well I want my mojo back!!  And I want it back RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!  I want to make my man’s mouth water, I want the sun to respect my shine, I want to part the cool breeze as I walk down the street, I want the essence of me to radiate with such force that it tips the Richter Scale. Yeah I want to be that girl again.