I am an African American woman who doesn’t want to see the movie “Selma”

by writergirl68

I am taking a HUGE risk writing this blog post and sharing it.  The title alone will bring down the wrath of a million angry black people on me for sure.  But this is how I feel and I don’t apologize for it.  Hear me out.  The struggle of my people is well documented.  Sometimes not accurately documented, but well documented nonetheless.  Being stolen from their land, bought, sold and treated like property and made to work as slaves in the houses and fields of white colonists, hanging as “Strange Fruit” from southern trees, having to sit in the back of buses, having the Ku Klux Klan come in the middle of the night to burn your house down with your family in it, bombing a church that killed innocent little black girls, Emmett Till, the Civil Rights Movement and the list goes on.  As African Americans we have had MORE than our fair share of struggle and still do to this very day even with an African American sitting President.

Well I am about to say something that is going to rub a lot of black people the wrong way…I am tired of hearing about the struggle. I am not denying the struggle.  I am not forgetting the struggle. I am not blowing off the struggle.  I am simply tired of hearing about it.  I choose not to see Selma because I have seen this movie and its predecessors a thousand times before.  I remember when I was young, watching “Roots” was an annual event. Not only did we watch it at home, but they showed it in school.  And for a week white students were scared to death to talk to black students. Some kids thought that was funny and used it to their advantage.  When I was pregnant with my first daughter I went to see ‘Mississippi Burning’.  Why?  Because I felt I HAD to simply because I’m black.  That was 26 years ago and I vowed I would never see another struggle movie again.  The stories are important and if it wasn’t for my foremothers and forefathers who went through the belly of the beast of the struggle, I wouldn’t be here as a black woman who is able to vote, sit in the front of a bus, walk into any establishment I want without being confronted with a “Whites Only” sign and be able to attend and send my children to non-segregated schools. Yes if it wasn’t for my predecessors getting the hoses turned on them, being spat on, sitting at lunch counters and dogs being released on them, I wouldn’t be able to sit here and write this blog post. Sounds ungrateful huh?  Well it’s not.  I will ALWAYS be forever grateful and NEVER forget the struggle my people went through to get me here, however I feel I don’t need to see this movie simply because I am black and I choose to not relive the struggle at every turn.  If the black struggle gatekeepers feel that makes me ungrateful, detached and apathetic, so be it.  But I stand by my decision.