Don’t be a skuzzy used car salesman

by writergirl68

So I was recently sent an offer by email to participate in a complimentary summit to help aspiring authors finally get over the hump and write their book.  Well I am an aspiring author who needs help getting her first book written, so I signed up for the virtual summit.  After confirming my enrollment I was sent a link to a “free” gift for signing up.  Well I love freebies just like the next person, however when I clicked to download my freebie it wasn’t free at all.  In order to download my “gift” I would have to share and download.  Yes, I would have to FIRST share the announcement about the summit on my Facebook page (pretty much a mini-commercial for them) THEN I would be able to download my gift.  WHAT JERKS!  I totally understand that business is business and their job is to promote this summit for maximum participation, however shouldn’t it be MY decision to promote it on my Facebook page?  Needless to say this completely rubbed me the wrong way and I have decided not to participate in the summit.  I will get my book written (I have a great mastermind group I am working with) and I will do it without the smoke and mirrors of a skuzzy car salesman.  Shame on you.