Order. Focus. Motivation.

by writergirl68

Those are three things that I have huge problems with.  Order.  A million times or more I have tried to get order in my life. Order in my prayer time, finances, professional life, personal life.  It always seems overwhelming and laborious.  Focus. No matter how many times I tried to focus to put things in order, I would fall victim to the “shiny object syndrome” and fall off the grid of focus.  Motivation.  It comes in spurts. Short bursts. I get a sugar high from the next big venture, the next big thing I say I am going to conquer and as quickly as it comes is a quickly as it goes.  I remember hearing a sermon from Pastor Creflo Dollar when he said sometimes we need to pray to have “the want to to want to”.   There are things you know you should be doing, however you just don’t want to.  There are things you NEED to be doing, however you just don’t want to.  Order, focus and motivation don’t amount to anything if you don’t have the want to to want to.