A Sidebar about Fear of Confrontation

by writergirl68

There are a lot of things that I don’t necessarily embrace about myself (work in progress).  I don’t like the fact that I cower in the face of any threat of confrontation.  This is transparency.  Don’t like confrontation, never did.  I wish I could be one of those people, like my sister, who can ramp up and go toe to toe with anyone with not so much as a flinch.  She got this attribute from our mother.  I am more like my father, laid back, not one for a whole lot of drama. When things get to a point where enough is enough, then I will explode, but normal confrontations…no so much.  I would like to be more courageous, more outgoing but I guess I wasn’t born that way.  Didn’t want to make this a huge thing, just wanted to document this so I can look at it.  Sometimes when you look at things they are more real and you are more prone to face the music and do something about it.  Conquering my fears is something I need to put on my to do list, because sometimes fear is nothing more than a toy dog with a loud bark.