It’s time for some accountability…it’s time for Operation Eat the Elephant

by writergirl68

I started this blog as a way to sort of set the re-start button on my life.  Like a bazillion other people in the world I created yet another list of New Year’s resolutions that I knew weren’t going to come to fruition.  My litany of “Make My Life Better” feats sounded great, however I didn’t do anything to make them happen.  I thought the Resolution Fairy was going to come and wave her magic wand and magically all of my dreams were going to come true.  Well she didn’t come, my life is the crapper right now, I have painted myself into a ridiculous corner surrounded with the lies I painted on the walls again.  Ugh.  I have given myself too many empty promises and pep talks.  I have said “enough is enough” more times than I can count and I am STILL on this same crazy train of mediocrity.  As a matter of fact, mediocrity looks at my life and calls it mediocrity.  I can’t continue to play a subordinate role this blockbuster called my life!  That’s like working in the mailroom of my own Fortune 500 company!  Time for a change….for real this time!

It’s time for accountability.  Time for me to do the things on my list that I rattle off  daily to make me sound productive and important.  It’s time to make my life completely unrecognizable.  It starts with a daily blueprint.  What am I going to accomplish TODAY?  I love the saying “How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.”  Well my life is this huge tough lumbering elephant that has been stumbling and bumbling around, getting in the way of me accomplishing my dreams.  Putting this elephant in a pot, boiling it until tender, serving it on a platter with a set of silver utensils and ready to chunk this thing down one bite at a time.

First bite – Write an entry a day for my 31 day single parent affirmation ebook.  At the end of the month I will have a book!

Second bite – Take three hours each day this week to finish cleaning out the Nest (old house).  This should have been done a month ago.  God won’t bless me with a new house (The Empire Estate) until I close down the old one.

Third bite – Send introductory letters regarding Next Level to prospective neighborhoods.  If no one knows about my services, how can anyone USE my services?

Fourth bite – Write a chapter a day for Standing in the Gap….NO EXCUSES!!!!!!!!! (my non-fiction single parent help book)

I will start with these four bites and work diligently on them.  Possible bonus bite is to revisit my goals and reassess.  If you would like to take this journey with me and help keep me be accountable I would welcome the company.  The fact is I need it.  I can no longer lumber through life expecting it change without any real effort on my part, after all this is my life.  I believe as I take steps, God will honor those steps and propel me forward.  It would be a travesty to have all my goals and dreams die with me and to never have served the world with my gifts.  I am ready.  Let’s go.