The “Big Reveal” Bullshit

by writergirl68


Don’t you hate when a coach, entrepreneur, blogger, guru etc. sends you a LENGTHY email droning on and on about how their latest technique, product or service is going to change your life and revolutionize the world?  This purveyor of prolonged prose engages you for 10 to 15 minutes as you read the precursor to their main event.  It’s an endless tailgate party that never seems to get to the actual game.  They talk elusively ad nauseam about the method, the service, the product, the practice, the seminar, the course…THE THING that they discovered, created, birthed or transformed from something else that will make the world pump money endlessly into your bank account, have them banging down your door to enroll in your program, line city blocks to buy your book,  have men falling hopelessly, madly and crazily in love with you,  will get you to drop 50 pounds in two days or WHATEVER the outrageous claims these svengalis are peddling.  It drives me batty to have my inbox inundated with “Big Revals”.  And you know what?  Nine times out of ten after you’ve read 15 pages of build up, you FINALLY get to the point of the email where they ask you for $149.95 to get the ACTUAL reveal.  After reading 15 pages of build up you never get the actual solution, you have to pay for that. Madness.  I’m not knocking anyone’s hustle as long as you’re not hurting anyone, but stop the bullshit, stop wasting time, stop with the “Big Reveal” build up and just get to the damn point.  “Hi, name is Gloria Guru or Carl Life Coach and I would like to solve XYZ for this amount of money.”  Boom.  Yes according to the new age entrepreneur you’re suppose to build trust, show you’re likable and actually have a product or service worth paying for.  The new buzz phrase is “adding value”.  How many times have you heard  that?  I tell you how you can add value to my life, stop wasting my time and email space and get to the meat and potatoes of who you are and what you want to sell me.  I don’t need to read for 20 minutes about this revolutionary practice that will make my life less stressful only to find out you do breathing exercises and meditate!  I don’t need to spend $200 on your course to learn how to do that.  Stop wasting time, get to the point so we can all get back to our lives.