by writergirl68

There are times when you feel like a set of razor sharp talons are gripped tightly around your neck.  You feel it squeezing so much that you seems as if you are going to take your last breath.  You seemingly gasp for air, tears streaming down your face, your heart is racing uncontrollably and feels like it is about to burst through your chest.  Fear. Anxiety. Panic. Life.   You are facing a situation that in your mind is insurmountable.  You feel like every demonic being from the depths of hell has come to collect you and drag you to be an eternal slave in the underworld.  Your marriage is in trouble. Your children are out of control. Lost your job. Facing foreclosure. Your car just died, rent is due and your bank account is empty.   What do you do?  Persevere.  You’ve faced challenges in your life before and you are still here.  You’ve had bills due before and you are still here. You dealt with problems on your job before and you’re still here.  A relationship ended in the past and you’re still here. You thought the last time that something seemingly horrific happened was going to take you out…..and you are still here.  You must look “the thing” in the face and say “What the $%#@&  are you here for now? Didn’t I kick your @$$ the last time?”  You must stand up, stand firm and stand tall over whatever adversity tries to overtake you.  If you don’t face it, it will continually exert its power over you and we can’t have that.  You are still here, so persevere.