Are You Carrying a Purse or Trash Bag?

by writergirl68


Today’s post may seem a bit lame and insignificant, but it is a question I had to ask myself one day that eventually had me thinking about my life in general.  A purse is obviously an accessory a woman carries her daily bric-a-bracs such as her wallet, compact and keys.   In this “on the go” age, a purse has become a mobile life carrier.  Everything from phones, business cards, pens, stamps, jump drives, iPods and emergency kits that contain anything from deodorant to an extra pair of underthings.  If you look in your purse right now, is it neat, clean and everything in its designated compartment?  Or would you find old gum wrappers, strips of paper with names and phone numbers that are foreign to you, crumpled tissue and a permission slip for a field trip that happened last year at your child’s school?

I was going through my purse one day last week and became annoyed.  I could not find what I was looking for because of all the garbage I had been throwing in there over time.  Mounds of tissue, because being a mom that is somehow required. Stacks of old strips of paper with nothing that seems familiar written on them. About 20 pens, well in my defense I am a writer and I L-O-V-E a good pen (Sharpie pens are my absolute FAVE!) Old chapstick, a small picture frame (huh?)  and a bunch of other things that turned my purse into a garbage dump.  A sudden thought came to me, does my purse reflect my life?  Yes it does!  And that sucks.  Just like my purse, I have a bunch of garbage that I am letting pile up in my life and I am unable to move forward because of all the clutter.  I feel stuck, confused, frustrated, agitated and overwhelmed because of all the “stuff” I have piled up everywhere in my life.  Literal piles of clothes, papers and stuff in my home, unpaid bills, phone calls I haven’t made, relationships I haven’t nurtured, books I haven’t finished writing, businesses that I’m not moving forward in.  Stuff.  

It’s time to clean up and clean out my purse and my life so they both reflect the balance of productivity and peace that my life so readily deserves.  So, are you carrying a Chanel bag or a Hefty bag?