Do You Really Need to Pay a Life Coach to Tell You What You Already Know?

by writergirl68


Let me start by saying I am NOT knocking anyone’s hustle.  If you have searched your soul and know in your heart of hearts that being a life coach, breakthrough guru or Chief Life Altering Officer is what you were meant to do, then go for it.  If helping people breakthrough to the other side of their pain, confusion, procrastination, addiction or whatever other malady they may be suffering from is your absolute passion, then I applaud you for being of service to those who are in need.  But honestly the tiny skeptic in me always asks “Do I REALLY need to pay you $20,000 to tell me that I need to clean out my closet to get clarity?”  Or pay $10,000 for your “proven system” that will unblock all the gunk in my life that is holding me back?  Pay $7,500 for a set of mediation tapes to help me tap into my inner hero?  Yes I get that helping people may be a passion, but I have also seen how “coaching” has become a multibillion dollar business for those people looking to find themselves.  

I am a procrastinator.  I procrastinate like it’s my job and I get paid to do so.  It’s a sad existence.  I have about four or five books that I haven’t read on this subject.  I could pay a life coach $50,000 to tell me what I already know.  Procrastination is often rooted in fear.  Fear of failure or success.  Fear that I won’t get it right and be a laughing stock, or fear that I will succeed but won’t be able to duplicate that effort.  Fear of rejection.  Making the phones, writing letters, making business contacts and generally taking care of things that I should, but because I fear rejection I put it on the back burner.  Procrastination is also rooted in perfectionism.  Afraid to do anything unless you know on the onset that it will turn out right the first time.  To break through it, you just need to do it.  It’s just that hard and that simple.  

Coaches are making a fortune in the business of helping people “transition” into their higher selves.  Selling proven systems, booking coaching programs and mastermind groups and enrolling people in their virtual classrooms.  It’s wonderful to get the knowledge that you need to take your life to the next level, but make sure you’re not paying someone handsomely what you already know and can implement yourself.