You Can Learn What You Need to Learn

by writergirl68





We are in the Information Age. A time where information is as accessible as your next breath.  A few clicks of the mouse here, a google search there and BAM you are privy to whatever it is that you want to know.  From learning needlepoint to finding out what Einstein’s theory of relativity means, it’s all there literally at your fingertips.  So as the name of this post states…you can learn what you need to learn.  I am writing this to scold myself, to give myself a really good talking to and if you find this serves you then I have done my job.  I am in the throes of building three businesses, a writing and speaking business, a non-profit for single parents and a personal concierge business.  When starting and building a business, there are so many things that must be done before, during and after you hang your shingle.  Figure out what your business will do and who it will serve, name your business, set up a website, establish a social media presence, make sure you are legally sound, etc.  

In the past you would have to jump through an array of hoops and pay a laundry list of gatekeepers to get this accomplished, then came the worldwide web and it’s endless valuable currency called information.  How did the world exist before this titan of technology? There is now absolutely no excuse why you don’t know how to do something.  There are people posting almost non-stop all of the knowledge they have to share, and it’s your free…..well most of the time.  I let technology scare me into a corner and cower in fear as it stares at me with its red bloodshot eyes while bearing its sharp jagged teeth and posturing with its massive claws at the ready to attack.  Yes that’s how bad technology scares me….am I the only one?  Then one day as I put off YET AGAIN how to create an opt-in page for my website I am trying to create, a small voice said “you can learn what you need to learn”.  Wow.  Just that simple.  I have been holding myself back thinking I am not smart enough to learn what I need to learn.  That only an small percentage of people have been selected as the chosen few to hold all the information needed to succeed.  I graduated high school, I was in the military for six years and I worked in corporate America for 20 years (left in 2013 to pursue my writing career and build a single parent non-profit I co-founded).  I believe accomplishing those things makes me smart enough to learn what I need to learn.  Oh, laziness definitely is a factor, ouch…that hurt to say out loud, but you can’t fix what you don’t face.

So now it’s time to fire up some search engines and accumulate the information I need to build this empire that I have been dreaming about.  There are people who I need to serve and I can’t do that without knowing how to serve them properly.  So if you are in the same boat with me repeat this out loud……I CAN LEARN WHAT I NEED TO LEARN!