Captain Obvious Strike Again…

by writergirl68

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When I check my email, especially in the morning, I am inundated with messages, offers, daily tips, sales announcements, etc that overwhelm me.  I usually spend about 10 minutes getting rid of the productivity thieves that have crept their way into my digital realm. One day I was totally annoyed while once again performing my email janitorial duties, when a small voice in my head said “UNSUBSCRIBE SILLY!” DUH!!! Why didn’t I think of that?  Hmmm, actually I did in a round about way.  I have a habit of subscribing to “shiny new things” with interesting offers, helpful tips and I am ALL IN for a free download.  But after a while your email gets hammered with everyone else’s stuff vying for attention, and you are too overwhelmed to concentrate on what you need to do. So Captain Obvious told me to tell you to simply take the time to unsubscribe from the email lists that are no longer serving a productive purpose for you.  Your mind and soon to be quieted spirit will thank you for it.