Know When to Walk Away…

by writergirl68


Photo Credit, David Niblack,


Today I decided to walk away from something I had been working on for a while.  I put in a massive amount of time and energy into, and it just never really seemed to generate a great return.  The basis of it was to help a group of people who I felt needed the support.  But alas, sometimes people just don’t want to be helped, don’t appreciate the help or just don’t know they need help.  So instead of pouring anymore of my time, effort and energy into this seemingly wonderful endeavor, I have decided to walk away from it.  When some folks hear of this they will say “Why are you walking away?” and to that I will ask “Why didn’t you show up?”.   When you are in the business of trying to help someone, there may come a time when you must realize that they aren’t willing to help themselves. That is when you must make the decision to either remain anchored to a sinking ship or give yourself permission to swim ashore and avail yourself to someone or something ready and WILLING to accept whatever greatness you have to offer.  And yes I know it’s not always about the accolades, but it can’t always be about the struggle.