The Prince song every little girl needs to hear……fyi, it’s not “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World”

by writergirl68

*This blog post contains adult content. This isn’t gratuitous vulgarity, this is a message that shouldn’t necessarily be watered down. Proceed with an open mind*

Since 1978 at the tender age of 10 years old, I became a Prince fan.  Yes 10 years old, back when Prince first emerged and shocked the world with his erotic, androgynous, rock and roll persona, penning songs that made you squeal and squirm just like he did in video and on stage.  Back in 1978 when Prince Rogers Nelson burst onto the scene there was no one really like him. To see this binki-clad, trenchcoat wearing, high-heeled boot flaunting man with the falsetto of angel but the aura of the fiery one below was a joy and a sin to behold.  Yes at 10 years old I was singing his ode to the V temple “Soft and Wet”.  Did not have a CLUE what I was singing about!  I saw this man prancing around with a guitar who was singing with a high pitched voice and I liked it.  That was the extent of my knowledge of Prince at the time, had no clue what I was getting myself into.  

Fast  forward to 1995, I was 27 years old and deep into my His Purple Highness obsession.  Prince released an album titled “The Gold Experience” and on that album is a song called “P*ssy Control”. It is GENIUS! Well it’s Prince, so what do you expect?  This song spins titillating yarns of how women having control over the honey pot ultimately had control over their lives.  In the first verse Prince talks about a girl who get bullied in school by a another group of not so nice girls.  The girl who is bullied says to them pretty much one day she is going to be on top and they will be sorry.  Well the story unfolds and the girl goes on to get straight A’s in school and goes off to college and gets a Master’s Degree.  The girl , now a woman, subsequently hires the girls who jumped her in school and made them all work for free.  Hmmm, sounds like a woman who had the smarts to not be led in life by Ms. VaJayJay. Her mama told her the be successful in life you need p*ssy control  The other girls weren’t so smart and their ignorance led them to be at the mercy of Ms. P*ssy Control.

The next verse is my FAVORITE and EVERY LITTLE GIRL needs to hear it.  It’s a vulgar testament and a teaching moment all wrapped up in one.  In this verse Prince immediately tells how P*ssy was all about getting her money and not chasing a man down for what he could give her, particularly his man part. A man named Trick starts talking to P*ssy and telling her he could make her a star if she would sing a lick on a song of his.  Now how many times have we heard stories about the record industry and how some new female artist would have to “mic check” before getting to an ACTUAL mic.  P*ssy proceeds to check Trick on his ignorance by letting his know that he is crazy if he thinks every woman in the world is a freak and how her pockets are way bigger than his little song royalty check and that he better get wise to the woman who uses her brain not her “thang” to get what she wants in life.  I toned this verse way down, but you have to hear the actual verse to appreciate the story and it’s fortitude.

I would post a link to the song here, but you know how very protective Prince is of his work. I implore you to google it and listen for yourself.  Our girls need to know that self respect and self esteem are the name of the game.  Using your lady parts to barter for things shouldn’t be in your life plan.  Our girls need to be taught EARLY they must respect themselves and those who come into their sphere of influence will abide by the respect rule or be gone.  We teach people how to treat us, and Prince definitely got it right with this song by teaching us how to teach others how to deal with us.  Listen to the song and use at your discretion.