You have not because you ask not

by writergirl68


Kids are pretty cool people.  They aren’t concerned with politics, race relations or how the bills are going to get paid.  Kids are pretty straight forward selfish little beings only concerned with how the world is going to meet their needs.  The “world” usually meaning mom, dad and anyone else who happens to be in close proximity.  And honestly that’s not a bad thing to be at times.  Kids will bombard you with a laundry list of their heart’s desires and don’t care about the who, what, where or how.  Only when.  Time of delivery. Estimated time of arrival. When your kids ask for things that seem to be totally outlandish in the real world, they just look at you with that “I trust it will get done” look in their eyes and just go merrily about their day.  What an awesome power to have! Ask for a bike, new computer, swim lessons, drum set, anything their minds can concoct and they expect it to show up.  And guess what?  More often than not it does.  Yes I know kids don’t always get everything they ask for, but they go through their child life existence thinking they do.  They aren’t scared to ask for what they want and more importantly they expect to get it. EXPECT.  How many times have you heard you get what you expect?

My younger daughter is a master at this.  She will see me enjoying a marvelous plate of food or a sweet treat and just when I am about to take that last succulent bite, she will ask “Mommy may I have some?”  UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  “NOOOO!!!”  is what I scream in my head, but I usually acquiesce and give into the bold one.  It doesn’t stop there, she asked for a dog and got it (although that was a short lived experience), a Kindle, constantly negotiates her bedtime (and won more times than not).  Kids don’t get hung up on rejection or entertain a litany of horrible scenarios if they ask for something.  They merely ask and wait for the spoils to arrive.  If it doesn’t you know what they do?  Come up with something else to ask for.  They are geniuses. You throw enough stuff up against the wall, eventually something will stick.

So here’s the thing,  you were once a kid who lived life with wild abandon.  Not concerned with the who, what, where, why or how, only the when. There was a time when you looked the world in the eyes, made your demands and collected a lot of times….easy peasy.  Now as an adult you hear ‘no’ and it’s as if someone impaled you with a spear through your heart.  Taking a risk is like asking you to give up a kidney and being awake for the operation with no anesthesia.  Asking the universe for your heart’s desire has become this agonizing event that you wrestle with.  Why?  What if I don’t get it?  Well what if you do!  Words are very powerful, as it says in the bible “there is life or death in the tongue”.   Contrary to your small minded adult belief, the universe is massive and abundant and is MORE than equipped to meet your needs as well as your wants.  You want a Ferrari, ask for it.  You want to live in a 10 room mansion in a gated community with an Olympic sized pool in the backyard, ask for it.  You want a better job or start your own business, ask for it.  Ask and believe it is on its way and DO NOT think about how it will get done.  That’s not your business, you are to only ask, believe and receive.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”   So decide today to clear your mind, cup your hands and ask.  Get ready for your overflow.