by writergirl68


The month of January is almost over and more than a few New Year’s resolutions that were made just three short weeks ago have been abandoned.  Dreams of adopting healthier eating habits, starting a business, finally writing that book, or working towards whatever start to fade as the days go by.   What tingled you with supercharged excitement on January 1st has become lackluster and uninteresting.  You try to grab pieces of your resolutions and breath life into them but the thought of having to actually DO something to make these goals a reality is honestly more than most people want to take on.  With the fresh clean slate of a new year, it is always tempting to conjure up a laundry list of life changing objectives to create a leaner, smarter, more productive, well traveled you.  You may create a W.I.S.H. List, Will It Somehow Happen.  You want to lose weight, ask for raise, start volunteering, take a class.  It all sounds good and by the last week of January you have all but surrendered your goals to the grave….again.  At that point most people decide they will just try again next year.  Why??

If you are given the opportunity to wake up another day you have the opportunity to reboot.  Start again.  Ctrl, Alt, Delete.  Studies have shown that people who give up on their goals because they make too many, their goals aren’t clearly defined and they don’t have a strategy how to make the goals come to fruition.  But guess what? You can begin again!  This isn’t something new I am saying.   You’ve heard this a thousand times!  You can begin again.  Stop taking the time to beat yourself up and starting using that time to reevaluate what you want to accomplish over the next 12 months.  Can I share I secret with you?  If you only have one goal that’s fine!  Work with that!  There is no rule that says you have to have 12 goals in order to be part of the New Year’s resolution crowd.  If your only goal is to want to read more then do just that….read more.  Read a book a month.  Read the comics. Read food labels.  Just read.  Write down all the things that you’ve read and in December look at your list of literary accomplishments and be proud.

So January is coming to a close and February is knocking on your door.  Close your eyes, clear your mind, breathe and reboot. You owe it yourself to simply start again.