That Green Eyed Monster

by writergirl68


Photo credit Baseformula

Do you ever get jealous? You’re human, of course you do.  Jealous of someone else’s looks, career, home, relationship, talent, life. We sometimes look so hard and long at what other people have that we completely forget to look at and be grateful for WE have. You may not be as tall, as smart or as witty as someone else and you weren’t meant to be.  The green eyed monster comes to bolster your insecurities, inflame self-doubt and instill unfounded fear.  It gets in your head and if you’re not careful will worm its way into your heart and you will become a noxious and loathsome imitation of your former self.  Always coveting what others have, banging your head against that green moss laden closed door and not seeing your beautiful open door of opportunity waiting to present you with a bevy of blessings tailored made just for you.

People are often envious of someone and not know their story.  Yes she may have a wonderful husband, beautiful home, fabulous car and a Master’s Degree. But all that may have happened after she suffered abuse at the hands of her first husband, she left him and had to live with her parents for two years and caught the bus everywhere she had to go during that time and made a decision to go back to school.  She got on her knees and prayed, didn’t give up on a better life for herself and believed things would turn around…and they did.  He may have opened a great cigar bar, taken a month long sabbatical to Brazil and taken his two sons to the Super Bowl.  Before all these things happened he fought his way through a bout of lung cancer and vowed to pursue his dreams when his health was restored.  Know the story before you covet the glory.

You have to know in your soul that you are a awesome human being, flaws and all.  There is no one else on this earth like you who can do the things the way you can do them.  It’s not just about reciting affirmations to yourself every moment of every day, you have to BELIEVE your awesomeness.  Even when your hair won’t lay right, when there’s more bills than money, when the love of your life decides to go in another direction, you have to KNOW how fantabulous you are and get to building a life so magnificent, that you won’t have the time or the inclination to envy what someone has or is doing.  The next time a set of green eyes start to appear in your mirror, you stare that monster right in the face and let it know you don’t care about that over person’s glory because you are the star of your own story.