Time for…

by writergirl68


Well it’s gone.  The year 2013 with all it’s trials and triumphs, victories and defeats has washed away out to sea and a fresh new year called 2014 is now illuminating at your door.  It entices you with its virginal persona and endless possibilities.  You look at this next block of 365 days and become giddy, excited, and bubble over with sheer delight.  What do you do with this blank canvas?  What  will you commit to creating?  There are a number of studies that say doing something for 21 days in a row becomes a habit.  What habit will you start?  To become a better version of yourself, what habit(s) will you stop?  Your mind races at this time of year, particularly on this day…January 1st.  You are standing on the precipice of joy and terror.

You’ve been given another chance so what are you going to do with it?  Will you dive right in and just commit to doing better or will you map out the reshaping of your life?  The hard part is staying committed.  You don’t go into this wanting to be in the exact same situation or worse on December 31st.  We all go in with the best of intentions.  We start to list either on paper on in our heads all the things we want to do and get done.  Before you know it list that rivals a technical computer manual.  Where you are in your life didn’t happen all at once and you’re not going to be able to fix everything on that list all at once either.  You much use the “Elephant Consumption” method.   How do you eat an elephant?  Once bite at a time.  Choose just a five to seven pieces (goals) of the elephant called your life, put them on separate plates and just eat one bite at a time.  Don’t set yourself up for failure by choosing too many goals and overwhelm yourself.

So welcome to this fresh, new and exciting year.  Embrace this blank canvas and this new beginning to make the next 365 days spectacular.  And on December 31, 2014 look at that partially eaten elephant and select the next bites.  Bon Appetite!