The power of Tomorrow?

by writergirl68


Tomorrow, a procrastinators favorite day.  The day when all of life’s business is conducted.  Tomorrow that dreadful phone will be made, the apology will be extended, the letter will get written, the proposal will be submitted, the laundry will get folded, that thing, whatever IT is, will get done.  Tomorrow.  Why?   Because whatever it is, you just don’t want to do it.  That’s not a revelation, this subject has been studied for years.  Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.  You’ve heard that saying a million times or more. People put off until tomorrow because they think  it’s safe when it’s really a cop out.  In their mind they did a make a decision, they decided to do it tomorrow.  Tomorrow they will deal with the awkward conversation, the possible rejection, the pile of laundry, the task they don’t think they are smart enough to achieve, the answer they are not looking forward to hearing.  All the tasks are wrapped up and thrown into tomorrow’s repository for safe keeping.  No need to ruin a perfectly serene day with the annoyances that can be handled manana.

But tomorrow comes and you are no more ready to do the tasks today than you were the previous day, previous week or even previous month.  Soon the “tomorrow tasks” pile up and you find that your space has become crowded and noisy with all of the things that are grabbing at you to get your attention.  Putting off folding your laundry that’s been sitting in a basket for a month is a petty annoyance and doesn’t create any real consequences for you other than blocking a space in your room you could be using.  Not paying a bill, making a phone call or completing a project at work could result in more severe penalties.

Take the plunge, decide to do it, no matter what “it” is.  It may be something that’s created a knot in the pit of your stomach, makes your heart race and your mouth dry.  Not doing it keeps you in that constant state of panic, who wants to live like that?  People often put off doing things fearing something negative will happen.  You know more often than not what we fear will come to pass never does.  Remember a time when you put something off for so long until you FINALLY had to do it and when you did everything turned out just fine and you said to yourself  “Why didn’t I do this sooner??!!”

Clear out your head space and your actual space and get the things done that are waiting for your attention.  You’ll be so glad you did and your tomorrows will buckets of sunshine instead of canisters of chaos.