Three Wishes

by writergirl68



The story has been told many different times and many different ways.  Whether it’s a genie that appears after rubbing an ornate lamp or a stranger that comes into the life of a person and makes the offer, three wishes.  You have been given three wishes, what would they be?  Before you state your first request the purveyor of the wishes informs you that you cannot wish for more wishes.  Three as Schoolhouse Rock said is the magic number.   Most of the time the first wish is money and lots of it.  How much would be enough? one million dollars?  one billion dollars?  To quote the Notorious B.I.G. “Mo’ money, mo’ problems”.  How many times have there been stories told of people who win big in the lottery and chaos ensues.  Random family and friends come out of the woodwork, agendas start to surface, plots to do harm manifest….who needs that!  Yes money would be great but then you would need to use the other two wishes to maintain the first.  

The next wish is usually fame.  What do you want to be famous for?  To be a singer?  Actor/Actress?  Professional athlete?  We’ve all seen what the price of fame can be as well.  Lose all privacy, never knowing who’s really in your corner, people stealing from you, easy access to drugs.  Doesn’t sound too glamorous.  Sounds like another wish you will have to pad with the other two wishes.

Another wish made that is comical in nature is to rule the world.  Now why would anyone want to do that?  Some people can barely keep their house clean much less try to rule an ENTIRE world!  Too many responsibilities, too many enemies coming after you, just plain too much.  You would need 50 more wishes just to make that one pan out.  And if you noticed in those stories of the three wishes there is always a catch, the wishes never turn out how you expected.  So why wish at all?   Wishing sounds good and makes you feel warm and fuzzy for a little while but then you come back to the real world.  And when you do, instead of wishing, why not think about and plan how to really make those wonderful dreams of yours come true.  In other words….be your own genie.  ALAKAZAM!