So….what do you do?

by writergirl68


For years you’ve thought about it.  You’ve planned in your head the life this decision would afford you.  You’ve researched it, worked the plan and even told some people about it.  Business plan, networking events, market analysis, found your target audience, saved some money (or maybe you didn’t), tested your product or service, did your marketing (grassroots or high level), generated enough buzz and now it’s time.  You go to your boss and you tell them being engaged in full time employment for someone else is no longer part of your life’s agenda.  You thank them for the allotted time and experience there, shake hands and then ride off into the sunset. Or maybe a pink slip came looking for and found it’s way on your desk.  That’s what some would call “the push”.  Either way you’ve taken the plunge, you’ve become an entrepreneur.  Scary.  

Whether you’re a writer, consultant, personal trainer, started your own accounting firm or making and selling specialty soaps, this business is yours.  Your business can be strictly online or brick and mortar, EVERYTHING falls on you.  And you are perfectly fine with that!  You have finally gone out on your own and letting the world know you are carving your own special place in it.  Now here’s the test, what do you say when someone asks you what you do?  Majority of people are automatically programmed to hear you tell them what company you work for and your position there.  That’s safe and it’s what people have done for generations.  But for you to actually form the words “I’m an entrepreneur and MY company is….”, some people will give you a half smile and say something like “Oh that’s nice.” all the while wondering if you’re eating cheese sandwiches everyday and dodging bill collectors.  There are people with full time jobs whose lives are THAT very scenario. Hmmm.  

When you encounter the “What do you do?” question don’t you hesitate for ONE second to share what you do.  You worked hard, sacrificed time, money and sadly sometimes relationships.  You poured your blood, sweat and tears into something bigger than yourself and you’re serving the world with it.  That makes you a pretty awesome human being!  Some people go through life in a bubble, going along on the corporate conveyor belt too scared to get off,  have been programmed by previous generations that working for someone else is safer or they just aren’t interested in being an entrepreneur.  Either way, don’t let the world’s reasonings stop You, Inc.

*Listen to Beyonce’s song “I Was Here”.  Very powerful and should be every entrepreneurs theme song