It’s that time of year…..again

by writergirl68


Well you know what time of year it is.  Not talking about the psychotic shopping frenzy that’s going on now and Christmas music that’s being played way too early.  It’s the time of year when you once again reflect on how good or bad this past year has been and for you to pontificate on how you are going to make next year THE year of all times…again.  How things are going to be different…again.  How you are going to get your finances in order…again.  How you are going to situate yourself for true love….again.  How you are going to alleviate the people in your circle who aren’t adding value to your life experience …again.  How you are going to live this dream life…again.  And to REALLY make it official you post your manifesto on social media along with all of the other New Year’s sermons so everyone can like and comment on your post so you and your new life plans feel validated….again. Take a page out of the Nike handbook and just do it.  Get your finances together, fall in love, start a business, write a book, go to Tanzania, cycle out bad friend with better ones, learn to make an awesome souffle’.  Whatever it is that you want to do to really make this the year for the ages can be done without a megaphone.  In fact when you quietly go about your reconstruction and your life starts looking fabulously different to outsiders and they start asking “Why didn’t you say you were doing this or that?!”, you can simply respond “Those who cared to know, did.”  Not to be a sarcastic bitch but sometimes people don’t want to know what’s going on with you out of sincere concern, but out of sheer nosiness.  If you haven’t been on the radar for a while for whatever reason the people who truly care for you will come and find you.  So this year why not resolve to reconstruct, rebuilt, refresh or renew your life behind the curtain.   When it’s time for the big reveal, allow the world be truly amazed at your quiet brilliance.