You must be in tune with your Star Player…a lesson from Katt Williams

by writergirl68


In 2008, comedian Katt Williams taught us a very valuable lesson in one of his standups, you must be in tune with your star player.  Who is the star player? YOU!  You must do what is necessary to keep your focus forward and the wind at your back.  Life happens and you have to be prepared to roll with the punches and roll over anything or anyone that tries to stop you from being a superstar and living your champagne life.  You may be trying something new in your life to change course and people may not support you.  The star player will have to go on anyway.  Your money may get funny.  The star player will have to go on anyway.  People who you thought were your friends show who they really are when you are in need.  The star player will have to go on anyway.  You may lose a job. The star player will have to go on anyway.  Sometimes you just have to look in the mirror and get up close and personal with the reflection and have a hard and honest conversation with the star player.  Sometimes the star player is waiting for the team to rally around them to keep going.  Well sorry to say sometimes the rally doesn’t come. Sometimes you just have to rally around yourself, pick yourself up, let yourself know that your are the shit, you are making moves, you don’t have time to lay around and be sad and depressed (if needed, take a day to feel how you need to feel then get your ass back up and get moving).  Sometimes strong words are needed to drive a point home.  You are the star of your life and your team, act like it.  If you don’t position yourself there no one else will.  And as Katt Williams told us “A star player can’t afford to give up.  A star player is waiting for one opportunity and that’s to let motherf*ckers know they ain’t bullshittin’!”    It’s go time…