Black Friday…..

by writergirl68


It’s that time of year again.  The media and retailers team up and bombard you in a cornucopia of ways with the intent to separate you from your money.  Thanksgiving hasn’t arrived, yet since before Halloween there have been print, mail and broadcast advertisement about Christmas.  Salespapers for the latest toys and gadgets are now flooding your mailbox and pinging in your inbox.  Christmas tree lots are springing up everywhere faster than you can blink.  But the absolute peak of it all is Black Friday.  When retailers dangle “deep discounts” on a wide array of items for the consumer who will leave the Thanksgiving table first to get to their store, because Black Friday has now turned into “Forget about the meaning of Thanksgiving and being with family because I have to get that laptop at Best Buy for $200” Thursday.  Sad.  What’s even sadder is Black Friday means something entirely different to a lot of people. Black Friday means just that…  There isn’t any money in the coffers to spend on Christmas shopping.  There isn’t money to pay the light bill.  There isn’t any food in the house.  They are stretching out another year in a coat that clearly has more than served it’s purpose.  Black Friday to them is a dark and gloomy reminder of how very desperate their life is and being constantly reminded that they can’t even buy a single toy for their children. Agonizing.  So before you tell of your merry adventures in Target cleaning the shelves at 8:00 Thanksgiving night or 4:00 on Black Friday morning and how you are participating in all of the holiday regalia, think about those people who are just trying to make it through another day.