Can I?

by writergirl68



There are times in life when you just feel you can’t.  Whatever IT maybe, you just feel you can’t.  You start looking around at other people and seeing all these wonderful things that are happening for them, things they are accomplishing, the sun’s rays seemingly are beaming CONSTANTLY  on them and then you look at your reflection and all you see is Eeyore, the doom and gloomy character in the Winner the Pooh cartoons.  There is a constant rain cloud over your head, the future is dark and dank and you wear self-doubt like a burdensome cloak. Why?  You try to think of things that you are good at and you draw a blank.  You try to think of friends you have and there are few.  You try to muster some sense of greatness that is in your life but all you see are constant reminders of things that are going wrong.  You’re awesome, you’re wonderful, you’re astounding, you’re magnificent and you can do WHATEVER it is you want or need to do.  Philippians 4:13 is your passport to take over the world…