SHUT UP! I need love not a lecture!

by writergirl68


Why is it that sometimes when you are going through a tough time and you reach out to people they feel they have to tough love you to death?  You get that eventually things will turn around and you are praying and and trying your hardest to maintain a level of positivity and joy in your life, but sometimes it just gets hard.  Sometimes you feel as if life has wrapped its massive claws with razor sharp talons tightly around your throat and is squeezing every ounce of life out of you. Sometimes it feels like door after door after and window after window are being shut in your face and it makes you feel as if your heart is about to BURST inside of your chest leaving a gaping hole and the source of your life is pouring profusely out of you.  Yeah sometimes it feels like that and it’s times like that when you just need love.  It’s not about throwing yourself a pity party, it’s just about you being this frail human being with feelings and emotions that needs care and support at that moment.  You don’t always need the bootstrapping lecture, sometimes all you need is a little love and understanding to help you get back up.  For those people who feel they always need to lecture, book yourself on your self-righteous Tough Love tour and go bombast to someone who wants to hear it.