Where’s your tech support?

by writergirl68



There are times in life when you really need a support system.  Lost your job, marriage fails, financial hardship, feeling lonely. These are just a few instances when having someone there to help you through the storm is necessary.  Who’s your support system?  Do you feel you have a support system?  Is it a situation when things are good you see faces but when things get shaky all you see are spaces?  It’s a shame but unfortunately it happens and you need to deal with it sooner rather than later.  You need to determine who REALLY has your back.  Who will be there for you during the fat and lean times.  There shouldn’t be room in your life for the sunshiners, sometimers and fareweathers.  When things are going rough there needs to be an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on.  A connection with someone who genuinely cares about you and what you are going through.  Being down and out can be a scary place when you look around and see nothing but your own shadow.  There needs to be at least ONE person you know that asks you “what’s wrong?” and they honestly care about what’s wrong.  You know what’s really scary?  Sometimes you are the only support system you have and you talking to yourself to get through may be the only way out.  If you are a believer like me you know the Man Upstairs is always with you which means peace and the problem being solved are a prayer away.  Take time to inventory the kind of people who are really in your life and why they are in your life.  Don’t have a bunch of hangers on for the sake of making your sphere of people look full.  A small SUPPORTIVE circle trumps a large inconsequential vortex any day.  Check your tech support!