Speak Up!

by writergirl68


One day while listening to a sermon the pastor asked “When was the last time you had something to say about your life?”  He asked it in a stern tone to ensure you received the urgency of the question.   When was the last time you had something to say about your life?  When was the last time you spoke up and started claiming great and wonderful things in your life?  When was the last time you used your words to change your situation instead of describe it?   There is a passage in the bible, Romans 4:17 that says “…call the things that be not as though they were.”  You have to start talking to your life or it will start talking to you and you may not like what it has to say.  There is tremendous power in words.  If you speak debt, drama, sadness and lack you will continue to draw those things into your life.  It’s just as easy to speak abundance, prosperity and joy.  You have to be intentional.  You have to be fearless.  You have to be so tired of your life treating you like a second class citizen in a third world country that you open your mouth and start changing things!  The universe hears you and responds to what you say.  This may sound like Eastern mysticism philosophy, but it’s true.  What you nurture will thrive whether good or bad.  This isn’t a new message, but it is one that needs to be reiterated, especially during times like this when people are inundated with bad news. Stop saying you’re broke and start saying your money is on the way.  Stop saying you hate your job and start saying this is a stepping stone to my next level (new job or your own business).  You have to inject light into whatever darkness you’re dealing with.  So if your life isn’t going quite right, maybe you better start listening to what you’ve been saying.