What is your Brand?

by writergirl68


Beyonce sings a song called “I Was Here”.  It is a beautiful song that tells the story of how she wants to leave her mark to show everyone that she was here.  To leave this world a little better than how she found it.  Well suffice it to say, mission accomplished Mrs. Carter because you will not only leave an indelible mark but you have gone a step further and created your own brand.  A brand that encourages women, she even has a rallying cry in the song “Who Run the World (Girls)”.   She’s created a brand that will leave a legacy of empowerment, strength, intelligence and grace.  When her daughter gets older and sees her mother’s body of work, she will be proud.  Not so much for the Love and Hip Hop or Basketball Wives crew.  What is your brand?  What legacy are you building and intending to leave as a mark that you were here and didn’t waste the life that was given to you?   My legacy is the lexicon.  I love to write and have been immersed in it since I was 12.  To write best sellers, articles, poetry, manifestos, editorials, short stories, slogans…whatever it is, I just want to write.  Leaving my words to educate, entertain and enlighten.  Branding myself as a leader among writers, say it and believe it.  Say it and believe it.  What is your brand?  How will you leave your mark to show the world you were here?