Battle Ready

by writergirl68


Unless you live on Mars and have absolutely no satellite access, you are aware of the wild phenomena that is a television show called “Scandal”.   The star character of the show is a high powered, well connected Washington, DC based crisis manager named Olivia Pope.  Whatever trouble the rich, famous or infamous encounter whether political or otherwise, Olivia is the ultimate firefighter extinguishing the flames of chaos.  People familiar with the show know that Olivia has a corps of dedicated staff she has “knighted” as “The Gladiators”.  When you think of a gladiator you think of someone who is cloaked in shiny yet war worn armor always at the ready to do battle.  They are strong, fierce, intimidating and fearless.  Their stance shows that nothing is going to defeat them.  There are days where you have to be a gladiator whether you want to or not.  There are times when it seems you have been wearing your armor and fighting to the death for days, weeks or even months at a time.  You get battle weary but yet you know you have to soldier on.  You’ve come too far to lose now.  I adorned my gladiator garb when I left my Corporate America job back in March to be at the helm of a single parent non-profit I co-founded and to concentrate on my long neglected writing career.  With prayer, some savings and faith I decided to follow my heart and go after my dreams.  It hasn’t been easy.  People don’t always support you (unfortunately family and friends can be the worst offenders), things don’t always pan out, events get cancelled, meetings get pushed back, resources get scarce, you get discouraged and often times with tears streaming down your face you start to wonder if this was a good idea at all.  Maybe you should go crawling back on your hands and knees and beg Corporate America’s forgiveness for thinking you could ever make it without them.  Absolutely not.  What you do is wipe your tear stained face, take a deep breath, pray an earnest prayer to renew your faith, put on your armor and show the world it f*cks with you at its own peril.  Being a gladiator wasn’t meant to be easy, and you weren’t created to go through life doing easy things.  You were created to do the impossible,  conquer the insurmountable and achieve the unimaginable.  With God covering your front and the armor on your back, you will always be battle ready.  (Excuse the harsh language towards the end.  Sometimes a situation calls for some intensity to effectively drive home the message. Any offense was unintended.)