Is This Thing On?

by writergirl68


Do you ever feel like the people who say are your friends are the ones who treat you the least friendly?  One day you are going merrily along in the friendship and the next you feel you’ve been dumped on the side of the road?  Abandoned.  Ignored.  It hurts.  This may sound like the post of someone in the 7th grade but it’s not, and it hurts.   I am in my mid 40s and I feel abandoned by some people who I thought were my friends and it hurts.  These relationships are on the other side of 25 years and that’s what makes it so painful.  Deciding to let go of a long standing friendship is hard.  But sometimes you just have to dump it on the side of the road and move on.  But there are still the questions as to why and what happened.  Why am now in the background?  Why am I now no longer in the circle?  Why are you not hearing me?   (tap tap tap)   Is this thing on?   Well I will decide to move on whether I get the answers to these questions or not, clearly it’s not important to them but to a person who carries her heart unapologetically on her sleeve, the friendships were important to me.   I have things in my life to accomplish, goals to reach, dreams to make come true, businesses to run, a message to share, seems I have a lot on my plate to keep me busy from worrying about folks who clearly aren’t worrying about me.   Carry on.