Clear Your Path

by writergirl68

I talked about this before…..fear.  Well it seems to have reared its ugly head again.  Dealing with something pretty heavy and honestly I had been letting it get the complete best of me.  You know how you say something doesn’t bother you but it COMPLETELY bothers you?  How someone says or does something and it hurt your feelings but you try putting on the “I’m impervious to emotions” mask and act like it didn’t cut you right down to your soul?  Well I have been doing that and it’s not working.  Sometimes you just have to feel it, let it out of its cage, face it so you can actually deal with it.  I keep picturing the worst possible scenario which is the worst possible scenario.  But what you nurture will thrive.  If I stop picturing the worst possible scenario then just maybe it won’t happen!  They say most of what we fear may happen never comes true, so then you’ve wasted an enormous amount of time worrying about something that was never in your life plan.  I believe in God, always have.  I believe in prayer, always have.  I’ve learned that when you pray in fear God can’t work.  First pray about the fear and cast it aside so you can have a clear pathway for God to work.  Makes sense.  When we pray in fear we can’t concentrate on what God is saying, our minds are cluttered with “Oh no I’m going to die!  Please help me I can’t survive this another minute! Do you hear me?!  Hurry up and fix this!”   If someone was depending on you to help them and when they came to you that’s all they kept shouting, would you be inclined to help them?  I have to believe that’s how God feels.  So with this fear looming over my head I had to first pray it away.  Have it removed. Annihilate it.  Ensure you have a clear path. Then you can pray with no obstructions and have faith your prayers will be answered.  Now that I know this, I feel a tremendous weight has been lifted.  I felt weary of being scared all the time and now I know how to move fear out of my way and get on with my life.