You Should Never Get Used To It

by writergirl68

Toady September 16, 2013 there was a shooting on a military installation in the Nation’s Capital.  Yet another senseless shooting taking the lives of innocent victims just going about their day.  Another tragic story of reckless use of firearms.  When is enough going to be enough?  Whether on a military installation, in a school, in the workplace or on the street, just because these incidents are seemingly increasing shouldn’t mean that we should respond with the casual “here we go again” attitude.  We need to be horrified!  We need to be outraged!  We need to be infuriated that ONCE again firearms have gotten into the wrong hands and have wreaked havoc in our collective lives!  Parents please be mindful of the video games that your kids are playing and how EXTREMELY violent they are.  Kids sometimes blur the lines of reality and virtual reality because the adults in charge don’t teach them the all important difference!  This is not to say today’s incident had anything to do with video games, there are real monsters who walk among us.  They don’t have bulging red eyes, long sharp teeth, and razor sharp talons, they look like me and you.  The office worker, the stay at home mom, the seemingly introverted student, all these people have the potential of being a menace to society.  We’ve seen the news stories, we’ve seen their faces and we scratch our heads wondering how we could have missed this monster in our midst. We must remain vigilant and aware of what’s going on around us and never ever get  used to this madness.